Unite Everyone and Accelerate Your Results

The technology behind DominoOne allows organizations to empower everyone to help provide creative solutions to the organization’s top challenges or opportunities

The organization’s experts set the focus and direction and individuals help prioritize and solve accordingly. As each member interacts with the issues they care for the most, the platform measures and recognizes that person’s contribution. Meritocracy in action.

Everything accelerates. More engagement. More innovation. And solutions refined, funded and put into action.

With a DominoOne platform you can:

Drive More Engagement. Year Round.

  • Allows timed sessions to help prioritize issues and actively solve them
  • Every member gets a verified account
  • Each member can vote, improve, provide alternative ideas
  • Each member can share via social platforms to drive new member growth
  • Each member receives humanity points in the greater system which drives further their participation

Deliver More Volunteers and Funding.

  • Member participation drives vested interest in helping to fund or co-fund solutions via crowdfunding or even cryptocurrency
  • Sponsors can match funds, reward behavior (engagement) and more
  • Reward members even when providing you with traditional donations

Solve Issues Faster.

  • More brain power
  • More members
  • More activity
  • More funding sources
  • More solutions that matter

How it Works

DominoOne was designed to remove the gap between leadership and employees, politicians and their citizens and to accelerate social good. Everywhere.

  • The DominoOne platform allows an organization to focus their community, citizens or employees on the issues that need solving the most.
  • The community’s individuals vote up or down what they think is most important.

  • The organization takes the top issues and develops it’s hypothesis on how they can be solved.
  • The organizations donors, employees or citizens then vote, improve and share those solutions, provide alternatives or even suggest their own.

  • Once the community solve session is over, the leadership digests the discussion and comes back to the community with final solutions based on timing, roadmap, budget, etc.
  • The organization can choose to ask for volunteers or help funding with traditional or cryptocurrency. Or they can simply detail the plan.
  • A plan by the people for the people.

  • As an individual interacts with the group(s) they care about most, each action adds points to an overall score detailing the amount of investment they have made to making the world a better for everyone. DominoOne’s Humanity Score.

Interested in applying for a DominoOne Foundation grant?   Apply Now

Interested in applying for a DominoOne Foundation grant?

Apply Now