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Your support provides us with the resources to accelerate DominoOne deployments for any and every impact organization protecting nature, protecting human rights and defending peace. And each time we deploy our capability, that organization accelerates their mission to create a better world.


Direct Donations - Every dollar helps us provide the infrastructure, discounts and services needed to accelerate another DominoOne impact organization. No amount is too little and we appreciate your support. Donate

Organization Referrals – Know of an impact organization that needs our help? Refer them to us and we’ll take it from here. We have the ability to set them up to crowdfund what is needed to help support them too.

Family Offices/Foundations

Direct Donations – we are grateful for your support and can direct your generous donations to organizations or impact sectors you care about the most. Donate

Access to Grants – We have the ability to directly help solve the very issues that matter most to you and your organization. Please contact us for more details.


Direct Donations – the world needs your involvement and support. By giving a tax deductible donation to the DominoOne foundation, you are directly accelerate a better world by empowering future customers and citizens in your community to dream, engage, solve and support issues that matter most to all of us. Donate

Incentivized Philanthropy - DominoOne has the breakthrough potential to target your marketing or social responsibility investment to individual consumers in order to sponsor their engagement and actions. As each action is taken, they are earning micro-dollars for the impact group compatible with your mission. Contact us for more information.

Employee giving campaignscontact us to learn more about how we can best support organizations you and your employees care about most.

We have the ability to impact any issue. We appreciate your support and referrals.